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Application: 2021 Collaboratory Summer Institute
Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences

 June 7-11, 2021 at Olin College 
The Summer Institute is designed for institutional teams of four (minimum number is three) who are currently or will be working together on an educational innovation project. These teams can be comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators from your institution. As you complete the application, please reach out to if you have questions. 

Institution Information
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Team Coordinator (required)

The Team Coordinator will be the main point-of-contact within your institutional team.

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If you will have students as co-designers on your team, please list name, graduation year, and major for each student here (up to four students): 

Language Fluency

All team members must be able to carry on an intense working conversation in English without any language support.   
We would be happy to conduct a video interview with your team to confirm English proficiency.

Application Fieldset
Your Application--Preparing for a Summer Institute Experience

All teams attending the Summer Institute in June 2021 must be actively engaged in, or about to initiate, an educational innovation project. The following questions will help us understand more about your project and the appropriateness of Summer Institute for supporting your educational innovation efforts.

The Summer Institute is designed for institutional teams who are currently or will be working together on an educational innovation project. Tell us about your project (project title; project goals, objectives, and/or aspirations; anticipated outcomes; anticipated activities, etc.). Please discuss where on the project timeline your team will be by the Summer Institute in June of 2021.  Limit 350 words.

What motivated this educational innovation project on your campus? Why this project, why now? Limit 250 words.

How did you hear about the Summer Institute?

If you are accepted, we will also ask you to interview between five and seven project stakeholders at your home institution. Please check the box below to confirm that you will be able to do so.

More Information

Attendence is limited and an application is required. Applications will be considered on a space-available basis. Priority application decisions will be emailed April 14, 2021; subsequent applicants will receive decisions within two weeks of application, so please apply here as soon as possible.


Olin College
 1000 Olin Way
 Needham, MA 02492

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