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Students and faculty at Olin College of Engineering teach and learn from and with each other. Together, we build and sustain a culture of innovation, experimentation, curiosity and joyful exploration.

Perspectives on Student-Centered Teaching and Learning


What do students get out of project-based learning that they may not get out of conventional classes?  Is there proof that project-based learning is better for students?  How do you approach grading in project-based classes? Learn how Olin approaches project-based learning and other pedagogies.

Faculty Development

How do you recruit faculty?  How do you hire faculty?  What is Olin's tenure and promotion process?  What is Olin's faculty retention rate? Learn how Olin applies student-recruitment approaches to recruiting faculty. 

Teaching & Learning Resources

Teaching & Learning at Olin

Assistant Professor Alexandra Coso Strong shares perspectives on project based learning, teaming and faculty support at Olin.

How To Critique

A collection of downloadable resources designed to help people give and receive effective critique in order to improve their work, their process and their workplace.

Olin Learning Outcomes

Through intentional educational design, we have created learning outcomes intended to instill in graduates the key abilities, skills, and mindsets necessary for success, both in the engineering field and beyond.

Faculty and students nurture a culture of innovation, inquiry, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and research