Many ways to experience Olin

We offer many ways to engage with Olin College: visit campus for a tour, attend an Expo event or workshop, participate in our signature Summer Institute program, or have Olin design a custom consulting engagement for your team.  These programs offer an in-depth way to experience Olin's culture, learn from Olin educators, and jumpstart change at your own institution.

Summer Institute


The Summer Institute ‘Designing Impact-Centered Learning Experiences’ program provides participants with the opportunity to conceive and catalyze change in engineering education. This week-long remote-learning opportunity takes place each summer, and we invite both individuals and groups to engage with us.

Past attendees have included new and experienced faculty members, institutional leaders, professional staff, and students.

Four teammates at the Olin College Summer Institute sit around a table
An educator smiling while talking about curricular design to other educators

Summer Studio


Our Summer Studio provides educators with an intensive curriculum design experience that leverages the resources of Olin’s unique campus environment. 

Each team of 4–6 participants will spend four days working on a curricular design project with coaching by Olin faculty facilitators, concluding with reflection and clear next steps. 

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with Olin faculty, staff, and students who can provide subject matter expertise, feedback on prototypes, and insights drawn from their own experiences. Each team will be provided with a dedicated space for project work, as well as access to Olin’s academic facilities. 

This program is designed for new and experienced faculty members, leaders, and staff of educational institutions that are committed to making a positive impact in the world through innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning.

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People at Workshop

Custom Consultation


For groups building a new program, a whole new institution, or a fundamentally different curricular approach, Olin offers customized collaborative consulting projects bringing together your team’s vision and the Olin team’s expertise. 

Tailored to your needs and current state, Olin will design an engagement to help you address the unique challenges in your particular context. Olin has engaged with groups building new institutions from a blank slate or building new programs (engineering or otherwise) in existing institutions in the US and abroad. 


We design a custom engagement ranging from months to years, supporting the leadership team and faculty in building programs that can transform education and engineering for the future.

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Campus, Curriculum, Culture

During the academic year, educators, academics, and thought leaders may want to experience the unique culture of Olin in person. Learn about Olin’s courses and pedagogy as you view classrooms and education spaces.

Our campus visits generally include a student-led tour, an informal meeting with a member of our academic leadership team, and lunch with faculty and students if your schedule permits. We recommend allocating half a day, either in the morning or the afternoon. If you would like a longer visit with detailed presentations / workshops, we can arrange that at an additional cost.

Students standing outside in Olin's quad

A group of academic visitors standing in the Olin oval outside

Visit Olin

To schedule a visit, email with the following information: 

  • Institution Name 
  • Contact Name 
  • Visitor Names and Titles 
  • Desired Visit Dates 
  • Desired Visit Topics 
  • Are you interested in detailed presentations or workshops?