Olin College of Engineering is more than just a laboratory for innovation in engineering education on our own campus. We are dedicated to stimulating transformational educational experiences with and for other institutions. We join leaders in education, business and government seeking to change education to spur the technical innovation necessary to take on society’s big challenges. We seek to create fundamental change for long-term and meaningful results. 

Olin College professor Tim Sauder mentors participants of the Summer Institute about pedagogical approaches.

See How We Innovate

Teaching & Learning

Students and faculty teach and learn from and with each other. Together, we build and sustain a culture of innovation, experimentation, curiosity and joyful exploration.

Curricular Design

Olin's broader conception of engineering demands that engineers consider the larger consequences of technology and how good in the world can be achieved through inclusive practices.

Institutional Change

Learn how Olin is transforming the traditional notion of what an engineering college is with a focus on co-creation, equity and experimentation.

Featured Resource

Engineering for Humanity

This introductory course at Olin blends Anthropology and Design approaches. This design-for-aging course introduces students to engineering problem solving, beginning with understanding human needs and ending with implemented, adaptable, and sustainable solutions. The course draws equally on empathetic and ethnographic methods, and on a technical understanding of the problem and solution domains. 

E4H faculty have created a Curriculum Resource and point of connection for educators interested in adapting material from the “Engineering for Humanity” course offered at Olin College of Engineering. This curriculum resource may be shared, used, and modified by other educators. 


Experience Olin

SCOPE Summit

Join us as 13 SCOPE teams give presentations of the results of their year-long projects sponsored by corporations, government research centers and private foundations.

Attend the Summer Institute

Engage with Olin faculty and one another to conceive and catalyze change in engineering education. Our Summer Institute offers participants an opportunity to acquire and apply skills in co-design.

More Workshops & Events

For a more immersive experience at Olin, attend one of our curricular workshops. We offer single-day, week-long, and custom workshops to suit various interests.

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