The 2022 Olin College Summer Institute will take place online June 13 -17, 2022.

The Olin College Summer Institute Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences has provided participants from around the country and around the world with the opportunity to conceive and catalyze change in engineering education. Past attendees have ranged from provosts and deans to new faculty members, administrative staff, students, and everyone between.

Participates interact during the 2019 Olin College Summer Institute

In our most recent years, the Summer Institute has been a weeklong interactive workshop for faculty teams. This year, in response to your requests, we have separated the teamwork portion of the program from the workshop content. We are excited to offer ways for both individuals and groups to engage with us.

Join us virtually June 13-15 for our participatory Foundation Framing Workshops. Using immersive design exercises and presentations from experts, each morning individuals will learn about, experience, and practice effective, engaging approaches for creating new and meaningful curricula with such topics as

  • Participatory Design: Making Things For People With People
  • A Goal-Driven Approach to Curricular and Institutional Projects
  • Student and Faculty Assessment in Project-Based Learning

The afternoons will be spent in asynchronous engagement with materials created to further explore the workshop topics, including individual assignments, group discussion prompts, and/or team challenge activities. The cost for these three days is $1,500 per person.

On both June 16 and 17, we will offer two half day Focused Deep Dive workshops. The topics for these intensive explorations will be announced soon.

For faculty teams engaged in a curricular change effort at their own institution, we are pleased to announce our newly imagined, in-person 2022 Olin College Summer Studio.

Together with others from comparable institutions, you and your team will come to our campus in Needham, Massachusetts to develop concrete action plans for your curricular change project. Each team will receive dedicated, intensive, and customized coaching throughout the week, including specially curated resources relevant to each team’s curricular change effort. With your own dedicated space and time, teams will be continually challenged to consider new ideas and put novel approaches into practice. Your team will acquire a new lens through which to view your project and will leave with steps to take your plan forward. Please note that all members of your team must have previously attended our Foundation Framing Workshops (either this year, or at a previous Summer Institute). Fees and dates will be announced shortly.



2022 Olin College Summer Institute
Foundation Framing Workshops will be held online June 13 -15, 2022, and the fee is $1500 per person.

Focused Deep Dive workshops will be held online June 16 & 17, 2022, and the fee will be announced shortly.

2022 Olin College Summer Studio
The program begins at 12noon Monday and ends at 5pm on Thursday. Lunch and snacks are provided. All sessions will take place on the campus of Olin College of Engineering in Needham, MA. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging arrangements. The application process and fee will be announced shortly.


Application and Admission

For the Summer Institute, registration and payment in advance is required. Registration will open on December 1, 2021.

If you have questions or need more information, please email us at

Summer Institute

Day by Day Overview

Summer Institute Highlights

See how participants experienced the on-campus program, which consists of participatory workshops, immersive design exercises, and presentations from faculty.

“Experience was even better than my high expectations.”

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