We offer a selection of deep engagement experiences during our academic year for educators, academics, and thought leaders. These programs offer an in-depth way to experience Olin's culture, learn from Olin educators and jumpstart change at our own institution. Check out our selection of upcoming workshops, or reach out to us about designing a custom workshop for your faculty. Visit us at Olin, or have Olin faculty visit your campus. 

Frank Talks: Justice, Equity, Design & Innovation:

A New Approach in Teacher Preparation

How an alumna carried her engineering education forward to completely rethink education

Julianna Stockton '06

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 7:00PM EST (Free, Virtual)

Julianna will share her own path from Olin into higher education, and explain why she sees teacher preparation as a key lever for change in the educational system at large. Over the past five years she has been working with a group in Cambridge, designing and launching a new graduate school of education (complete with Olin’s version of the Partner Year!). Julianna will focus primarily on their latest development: a new fully-online competency-based Master’s of Education program in Justice, Equity, Design, & Innovation. The core competencies of the program are Teaching for Justice, Thinking Like a Designer, Grounding Instruction in the Science of Learning and Development, Learning to Improve, and Collaborating for Change. These competencies shape both what we teach and how we teach it - the result will look quite familiar to Oliners, as a kind of 'UOCD for Teachers'.

Olin Alumna Julianna Stockton



Join us for a peek inside the unique curriculum creation and delivery process at Olin College in this series of developmental sessions based on some of our signature courses. In this series of 90-minute virtual sessions, educators will experience the Olin approach to creating a course that puts students at the center of their learning experience. Each session features Olin faculty who will share their design process, project-based class activities, and the pedagogies used in Olin courses. 

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Summer Institute


We are pleased to announce that the 2022 Olin College Summer Institute will take place in a new remote format the week of June 13–17, 2022.

The Summer Institute has provided participants from around the country and around the world with the opportunity to conceive and catalyze change in engineering education. Past attendees have included new and experienced faculty members, institutional leaders, professional staff, and students.

In recent years, the Summer Institute has been a weeklong interactive workshop exclusively for teams of educators. This year, in response to your requests, we are excited to offer the opportunity for both individuals and groups to engage with us.

Summer Institute participants

More Workshops & Events

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SCOPE Summit

Four students looking at a laptop

The Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPEinvites you to join us virtually on May 12 as SCOPE teams give brief presentations of the results of their year-long projects sponsored by corporations, government research centers and private foundations.

Brief, three-minute project snapshot presentations will be followed by more in-depth and interactive breakout sessions. Breakout sessions will repeat so that attendees will have the opportunity to choose four different teams to engage with.

Current sponsors, interested companies and organizations, educators, community members and all those interested in igniting engineering education!

Participants at a custom workshop at Olin College

Custom Workshop or Consultation

Participants at a custom workshop at Olin College

Olin provides targeted virtual programs and/or consultation services for institutions facing particular challenges. Possible topics include Participatory Design, Goal-driven Approach to Project-Based Learning, Inclusive Learning Environments, Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design, Biomimicry: Engaging Students in Design Inspired by Nature, Envisioning Maker-spaces, Universal Design for Learning: How Inclusive Teaching Methods Can Challenge and Support All Students, Using Computation to Teach Everything Else, and more. Fee varies depending on schedule.